‘The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon’


The Actor: Male, ages 4-17
over the top; literally portraying an actor in the show with a show; dramatic
The Narrators (Lead): ages 4-17
storytellers; must be able to memorize many lines; have big personality and able to project; onstage roles.
The Girl (Lead): Female, ages 4-17
great at “overacting”; obnoxious yet innocent.
The Dirt Merchant (Lead): Males & Females, ages 4-17

Females, 4-17

Rumplestilskin (Lead): Males & Females, ages 4-17
a mysterious magician; looking for actor that has to be playful, silly, and speak in riddles.
The Enchantress (Lead): Female, ages 4-17
the villain; very powerful; greedy and impatient.
The Devil (Lead): ages 4-17
strong, evil, and very bad; seeking actor with big personality.
The Prince (Lead): Male, ages 4-17
member of the Royal Family; overly confident.
Rapunzel (Lead): Female, ages 4-17
a loopy, lovely maiden; innocent.
Hansel (Lead): Male, ages 4-17
young brother of woodcutter speak with European accent.
Gretel (Lead): Female, ages 4-17
young sister of woodcutter speak with European accent.
The Witch (Lead): Female, ages 4-17
evil and loud; big voice and presence.
Snow White (Lead): Female, ages 4-17
looking for ingenue type personality and/or Disney princess type.
The Devil’s Grandmother (Lead): Female, ages 4-17
must be able to play a wicked old woman. Seeking character type.