Primary Players Children’s Theatre Group

2018-19 Board of Directors

Neil Stiles, President
Neil is a technical wizard and builder of sets. Email Neil.
Robyn Blair, Vice President
Robyn is our PR person, skilled in personnel management and serves as Assistant Stage Manager. Email Robyn.
Denise Weston, Treasurer
Denise and her daughter, Courtney, design and create most of our costumes. Denise is also the person to contact regarding reimbursement or tax receipts. Email Denise.
Missy Ament, Secretary
Missy makes props, collects props, and works on the PP website. Email Missy.
John Cherry, Artistic Director
John has the vision of our productions, long before it's brought to life on stage. Email John.
Beth Ballard, Director
Beth manages volunteers, records volunteer hours, and orders our production T-shirts. Email Beth.
Susie Smith, Director
Susie is instrumental in event planning, fundraising, and choreographing. Email Susie.
Dustin Rader, Director
Dustin designs & builds sets, and is a technical magician. Email Dustin.
Sherry Ogle, Director
Sherry serves as Assistant Stage Manager, and assists with the layout of our program and other printed materials. Email Sherry.
Rich Carnes, Director
Rich has only just joined us on the Board of Directors. We will put him to work directly. Email Rich.
Traci Giebudowski, Director
Traci has only just joined the Board, but she has been assistant stage manager for us in years past, and is always helpful backstage. Email Traci.
Amy Rochelle, Director
Amy has only just joined us on the Board. She has interest in helping manage the website and in fundraising. Email Amy.