Primary Players Actors and Families –

Selecting a cast for a show is the hardest part of what we do. If backstage space was unlimited, we would cast all who audition. However, theatre is competitive at every level, and so many factors go into making a cast list: talent, physical matches for stage family units, ages, schedule conflicts, and many more.

For this show, we have the added variable of COVID-19. We have to go with a smaller cast due to backstage and other considerations. That’s how we landed on this amazingly talented cast.

We want to thank our casting committee:

–          Director, John Cherry

–          Music Director, Kristy Weekley

–          Susan Daves

–          Clarissa Feldt

We appreciate their long hours and hard work during the audition process.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Please stay in touch via Facebook and 

Bert – Josiah Mustaleski
George Banks – Ryley Thames
Winifred Banks – Kyla Jernigan
Jane Banks – Millie Rochelle
Michael Banks – Rowan Richardson
Katie Nanna – Katie Giebudowski
Mrs. Brill – Alyson Ament
Robertson Ay – Daniel Snoderly
Mary Poppins – Zoe Stiles
Neleus – Savannah Spangler
Bird Woman – Kylie McMurray
Miss Smythe – Maddie Rowe
Chairman – Daniel Snoderly
Von Hussler – Will Dubes
John Northbrook – Tristan Hall
Mrs. Corry – Ashley Blair
Miss Andrew – Abby Jackson
Policeman – Will Irvine
Policeman 2 – Eva Noelle Weekley
Messenger – Ava Richardson
  • Julia Heaton
  • Molly Lowe
  • Lila Painter
  • Meredith Dubes
Park Strollers, Statues, Clerks, Vagrants, Buskers, Customers, Kite Flyers, Chimney Sweeps –
  • Ruthie Brown
  • Emily Dubes
  • Lauren Dubes
  • Irelyn Easterling
  • Maddie Gravitte
  • Alexander Luhn
  • Elliana Seyller
  • Josiah Seyller
  • Sierra Shallcross
  • Dakota Shallcross
  • Olivia Squires
  • Boone Talley
  • Adi Wormsley