Things to bring to your Primary Players audition:

    1. Your resume (a list of your previous music, dance and theatre experience).  There are good examples available online that indicate the pertinent information casting committees like to have.
    2. A “headshot” portrait of yourself, if available.
    3. Your music accompaniment, on thumb drive, your phone, or CD.  If you opt to use your phone, be sure you have a USB cord!!
    4. Your CALENDAR, with upcoming important dates noted, so that you may specify on your application form any dates you are unavailable. Please be sure that it includes any academic and extracurricular obligations, and that you include these on your application.
    5. You may pre-register HERE ahead of time, or fill out a registration form as you wait for auditions.  **The biggest benefit of pre-registration is you enter your OWN phone & email address, minimizing typing mistakes on our end.**

After signing in at the Registration Desk, you will be given:

      1. A copy of these Audition Instructions: Please read this carefully.
      2. Audition Registration Form: Please print and be sure to fill in completely including scheduling conflict information.  
      3. Number-Label: Please remove the backing and put the label on the left side of your chest.

After you have fully completed your application, you will:

      1. Turn it in at the Completed Applications Desk with resume & headshot (if available).
      2. Have a photograph made with your application number.
      3. Wait quietly to be called to learn your dance sequence with 8-9 other actors.

After you have learned your dance sequence, the Audition Runner will take your group into the Audition Room and you will sit down according to their instructions.

When you are called for your audition, you will:

      1. Walk up onto the stage and give your music accompaniment (phone & cord, cd or thumb drive) to the Music Operator letting them know about any special instructions.
      2. Go to center stage and stand on the “X”.
      3. State 1) your name; 2) the show your monologue is from; 3) the name of your song and; 4) the show it is from. (Example: My name is Jane Doe, and I’ll be singing Tomorrow” from Annie and my monologue is from Little Women.)
      4. Perform your monologue and then your song. You have about 3 minutes to perform your audition pieces.  The director may stop you during your song due to time constraint.  This is not an indication of his opinion!
      5. When you have finished your audition pieces, remain on the stage until the director or stage manager releases you.  They may ask you to perform your monologue or song differently to see how well you take direction.

When you are released to leave the stage:

      1. Get your music (phone & cord, cd or thumb drive) from the Music Operator.
      2. Go and sit quietly on the next row up according to the Audition Runner’s instructions until everyone in your group has completed their auditions.

Dance Audition:

When everyone has completed their auditions, your whole group will then return to the stage to perform your dance audition.  After everyone has completed their individual auditions and the dance sequence, you will be released to go. We will contact everyone regarding casting within one week following auditions.