Dearest Primary Players Family – 

We are all participating in this experiment in social distancing, and we are not loving it either. But, we also know that this too shall pass. We want to thank each and every one of you for your love and support of Primary Players and what we continue to build in our community – A home for kids to learn and practice their passion for theatre in a safe, nurturing environment.

With that said, we wanted to give you an update on what we’re up to during this strange and wonderful time.

  • We reluctantly postponed our Dance through the Decades Party Fundraiser. It is the right decision, but it still hurts not to be able to get everyone together for some fun. Look for a new date as soon as we can pull it together.
  • We were working on scheduling a viewing party for Oz cast members, but we’re afraid that too needs to be delayed until we get the all clear. Stay tuned for the time and place for that.
  • Our summer production of The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon is still in the planning stages. We have no appetite to cancel it at this time. It is our hope that by mid to late May we’ll be able to hold auditions and begin rehearsals. We feel that everyone will need a time of togetherness and support as we pull out of this Corona fog. Stay tuned.
  • We are in the planning stages for our next big musical. We will announce it after we have properly secured the rights to produce it at the Clayton Center for the Arts. For those wanting to plan ahead, our production dates are January 7 – 10, 2021. We know that seems far away, but we’ll all be amazed how fast that will get here. If the timing works well, we’ll announce the title when we get together for the Oz viewing party, if not sooner.

We as the Primary Players Board of Directors are ALL IN on our love and support of children’s theatre in our community. We will continue to work hard to ensure that things move forward even as we hunker down with our families. 

Stay tuned for some fun stuff as we try to pass the time with love and encouragement for one another. Remember, Primary Players is and always will be Kids’ Theatre for Kids Who Love Theatre.

Signed, PP Board of Directors 

  • Neil Stiles, President
  • Robyn Blair, Vice President
  • John Cherry- Artistic Director
  • Denise Weston- Treasurer
  • Missy Ament- Secretary
  • Sherry Ogle
  • Susie Smith
  • Dustin Rader
  • Rich Carnes
  • Traci Giebudowski
  • Amy Rochelle
  • Katrina Gravitte