At Life:

  1. You are responsible for disposing of your own trash.
  2. Be open to new methods, new ideas, and new techniques.  Give yourself the freedom to explore your character and your abilities.  Cast members must be alert and listening for instruction at all times.
  3. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR HAIR!!!  Once you are cast in the show, you cannot change your hair without the Director’s permission.
  4. Once a part is accepted, you must honor your commitment.  Actors portray the part(s) they are assigned to the best of their ability.  There are no small parts – everyone works together as a team. The Director’s decision is always final.
  5. Check your email and Facebook postings daily for updates about rehearsal schedule, events, etc.
  6. Be Prompt!!  Always arrive 15 minutes early for rehearsal to sign in (YOU WILL HEAR THIS A LOT!).  Put your personal items in the designated area and prepare for warm-ups prior to rehearsal.
  7. Always call your Assistant Stage Manager immediately if you have a last minute problem and will be late or absent to rehearsal.  If a new conflict arises for a future rehearsal date, you must notify the Stage Manager as soon as you know about it. If you can’t reach a stage manager, text or call the producer.
  8. Maintain a quiet, disciplined, and professional attitude at all times.  Once the rehearsal or performance starts, only whisper voices will be permitted only if absolutely necessary.  
  9. We are guests in the Rehearsal Spaces and in the Theatre and must act as such.  No one will be allowed to run around, jump off of or climb onto the stage, use loud voices, or wander about.
  10. If behavior becomes a problem, your parent/guardian may be required to attend rehearsals/performances to supervise you. If behavior continues to be a problem, you may be removed from the rehearsal, the performance, or even from the production altogether.
  11. Do not leave your assigned area.  No cast member is permitted in the public areas of the rehearsal site or theatre prior to or during a performance.  

At Rehearsal:

  1. Never talk when the Director or Stage Manager is talking!
  2. Do not direct, coach, or offer opinions or suggestions about scene work to your fellow cast members.  All ideas and suggestions should be given to the Director at the appropriate time
  3. Accept all notes from the Director/Stage Manager and say, “Thank you.” Never disagree with the Director in front of the cast.  If you don’t understand or if you disagree, speak to the Stage Manager after rehearsal or ask the Director for some one-on-one time to discuss.  
  4. Because you are not allowed to talk during rehearsals, you should study your lines and read along with the play. You may bring homework or a book to read.
  5. Lines must be learned by the date set.  You are required to allow your parents and/or siblings to help you learn your lines, blocking, etc. in order to achieve the best result.
  6. All cast members are required to ask permission and be accompanied in order to leave the rehearsal area for restroom breaks.
  7. You must have your script/score and at least one sharpened pencil for every rehearsal – even after you are Off-Book.  You will be required to make notes in the script regarding blocking, and dialogue.
  8. Turn off all cell phones and leave them off until the end of rehearsal. If you are expecting an important call, give them the Stage Manager’s number to call instead.
  9. Only water bottles with screw on lids are allowed at rehearsals.  No other liquids are allowed. You may bring small, clean snacks if needed.  You may eat/drink only during breaks and in designated areas.
  10. Wear appropriate clothes for rehearsals with closed-toe shoes.  No short shorts or short skirts, bare midriffs, flip flops, crocs, high heels, etc.  No inappropriate logos. 
  11. If you have questions about anything or don’t understand something, talk to your Stage Manager after rehearsal.  
  12. All cast members who are waiting to be picked up must remain near the sign in/out area. You MUST be signed IN and signed OUT.  Do not go out of the building or to any other part of the building.

At The Theatre:

  1. Only cast members and production team members are allowed in the backstage area, the Green Room, and the Dressing Rooms.  Do not invite or bring any friends or family into the backstage area. 
  2. At the end of the performance, you will be allowed to go in costume to the Lobby to greet family members and friends.


  1. All Props, Costumes, Accessories, and Set Pieces/Furniture are the property of Primary Players and shall never be taken home.
  2. IF IT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOUR CHARACTER, DO NOT TOUCH IT!  Do not touch any prop, especially if it is not assigned to you.
  3. You will be allowed to do a prop check before each rehearsal / show to make sure the props you need are in the right locations.  Do not move them for any reason. If it is in the wrong place, damaged or needs attention let the Assistant Stage Manager know immediately.
  4. Return all props to the appropriate place on the props tables after each rehearsal and performance.
  5. Do not sit or lean on any set pieces or furniture. They may not be strong enough to hold you!