A warm and sincere “Thank you!” to these generous donors!  Without you all, Primary Players could never do what we do-

theatre for kids who love theatre!

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Missy & Dwayne Ament

Elizabeth Babbit

Jody & Hank Brown

Alex Cherry

John & Melanie Cherry

Kelli Cooper

Patty Cruse

Madeline Dean

Anonymous Donor 

Katherine and Jerry Dowling

Bill East

Kermit & *Kristin* Easterling

Bill Farley

Larry George

Katrina Gravitte

Hope & Dustin Hall

Jean Hamachek

Melanie Hoffman

Bruce & Liz Irvine

Chrissy & Andrew Irvine

Pam & Rob Jackson

Kelli & Michael Jernigan

Faye Ralston King

Chris and Jack Koban

Addison Koella

Angela & Jason Lowe

April & Brandon McMurray

Billy Millwee

Kathie Moats

Kathy Motycka

Tom & Carol Mustaleski 

Rebekah & John Mustaleski

Jennifer Norred

Kevin Painter

Amanda Painter

Sarah Pirkle

Cindy Popol

Tina Rhea

Tim & Adele Richardson

Tracy & Chad Roberts

Amy & Chad Rochelle

Enid & Dan Rowe

Ruth & Billy Shallcross

Susie & Lance Smith

Courtney & Jeremy Snoderly

Pamela Spangler

Neil & Julia Stiles

Carrie & Josh Talley

Drema & Ron Thames 

Denise & Jose Voto

Mindy Wells

Mary Beth West

Denise & Tom Weston

Candida Wolfram

Diana Wolfram

Kate & Lee Wormsley