The Wizard of Oz Cast Announcement!

Primary Players Children’s Theatre Group would like to thank everyone who came out to audition this weekend!  This was a monumentally tough challenge for the casting committee to make these decisions for this show.

We would also like to congratulate the cast members for our upcoming production!  We are excited to see what you all can do with these beloved characters!

Dorothy – Ashley Blair and Kylie McMurray
Aunt Em – Courtney Parrish
Uncle Henry – Tristan Hall
Hickory (Tin Man) – Josiah Mustaleski
Zeke (Lion) – Colin Hood
Hunk (Scarecrow) – Will Dubes
Miss Gulch (Wicked Witch) – Grace Ballard
Professor Marvel (Wizard of Oz) – Ryley Thames

Cow – Amelia Rader
Rower #1 – Skylar Justice
Rower #2/Cat – Remy Rochelle
Toto (Dog) – Emily Dubes
Glinda – Marianna Harrison (Jitterbug)
Munchkin #1 – Olivia Squires
Mayor – Abby Jackson
Barrister – Madison Mounts (Jitterbug)
City Father #1 – Maddie Gravitte
City Father #2 – Millie Rochelle
Coroner – Kyla Jernigan (Jitterbug)
Lullaby League – Molly Lowe (Munchkin #2, Munchkin Woman and Jitterbug), Zee Carnes, Ava Richardson (Jitterbug)

Lollipop Guild – Daniel Snoderly (Jitterbug), Jacob Pritchard, Boone Talley
Crows – Sienna Mayo, Amelia Mayo, Sierra Shallcross, Dakota Shallcross
Apple Tree #1 – Annie Shorey
Apple Tree #2 – Lauren Dubes
Apple Tree #3/Doorman/Guard – Zoe Stiles
Nikko, leader of the winged monkeys/Lady in Rocking Chair – Katie Giebudowski
Leader of the Winkie Guards – Will Irvine

Ensemble – Lila Painter, Claire Roberts, Emmy Mason, Sophie Meek, Audra Mustaleski, Kathryn Gagnon, Adrianna Wormsley, June Amburn


*Ensemble means any of the following: Munchkin, Ozian, Monkey, Winkie Guard, Additional Tree