Cats Student Waiver

Primary Players 2021-22 Participation Waiver Form

This form is required for your student to participate with Primary Players.

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Release from Liability

Permission to participate:*
I/We, the undersigned, parent(s)/guardian(s) of the above-named “student” consent to the participation of our student in the Primary Players Children's Theatre Group “production” of Cats, with “performances” scheduled for January 12, 13, 14, & 15, 2023 at Clayton Center for the Arts, Maryville, TN. The production is sponsored by Primary Players Children's Theatre Group (abbreviated PPCTG).
Transportation to rehearsals and performances:*
I/We acknowledge and agree that I/we will be responsible for transporting my/our student to and from all rehearsal and production sites to participate in the performances.
Photo, video, audio release:*
I /We assign and release all rights to any reproductions of the performance (including photos/videos/audio recordings), and authorize the PPCTG (or others authorized by it), to exhibit/ broadcast/distribute/further reproduce said show (in whole or in part, with or without his/her name) over any medium, (for example, without implied limitation, newsletters, radio, newspapers, closed circuit television, the PPCTG website (, social media, film, cable, and television), for any lawful purpose, in perpetuity. I further understand that by signing this release, I waive any and all present or future compensation rights to the use of the above stated material(s).
Interviews & photography:*
I/We agree to allow my/our student to be interviewed/ photographed by media representatives in relation to their involvement with PPCTG.
Release of liability:*
I/We also release from any liability (agree to hold harmless) PPCTG, producers (or any persons, or entities, acting under their permission or authority) arising from the use of said reproductions. I/We further discharge from any liability PPCTG (and its trustees, officers, and employees), for injury, loss, damage, obligation, expense, or penalty sustained by the student arising from or in connection with his/her participation in the production.
Emergency actions:*
In the event that any serious injury shall occur involving the student, I/we wish for the PPCTG supervisory personnel to take appropriate steps to notify me/us immediately, but if I am/we are inaccessible for any reason, I/we authorize whatever medical attention is deemed appropriate for my/our student.
Volunteer requirement:*
Primary Players Children's Theatre Group is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization and, as such, does not require any payment for the student's participation in the production. However, it is expected that parents / guardians of the student will participate in a volunteer capacity in some fashion according to the needs of the PPCTG.
Sexual Abuse Policy:*
We have received notification of Primary Players' policy on sexual abuse, and we agree to abide by their guidelines regarding reporting sexual abuse.
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